meltdown at three mile... run

Yes, you read that right -- today was the big day of three mile ownage!  I don't know why this is such a huge mental milestone, but I have to say that I am almost more proud of this than of my first mile three months ago.  It's just cool to think that I could have gotten up this morning and run a 5k (3.1 mi)!  Then again, I'm glad I didn't, because when I got back this morning, it was about half an hour later than I thought it should have been.  I didn't time the run because watches stress me out when I'm exercising, but I'm pretty sure that it was pretty slow.  Not that it bothers me at this point -- but at some point, I'd like to be faster.  Or at least a little faster.

Slow or not, I definitely did it!  The weather was on my side...  For the first time I can remember since I started, I didn't walk out the door and think, "gee, it sure is disgusting out here."  I guess that the cosmos must have been on my side, too, because not only did I finish without walking at all, but toward the beginning of the run, I found a Dave & Buster's point card lying on the side of the road!  I'd say it's pretty likely that there's nothing on it if someone took the time to throw it out of their car, but you never know!

Just so I don't neglect it, I did also go on a nice trail run with Mike yesterday.  I hadn't actually been planning to run yesterday at all, but I'm so glad I did!  Even though it was 3:00 in the afternoon and consequently was probably 105 degrees, it was such a blast to run on nice dirt trails through the woods.  It's so much easier to let your mind wander and chill out when you're all alone with nature!  I did have to stop and walk a couple of times, but that was okay.

Overall, it was a great couple days of running!  Off to Missouri for the VOP gig tomorrow, but hopefully I can find the time to keep running this week.  It does NOT excited me that the forecast for Columbia says "oppressive humidity" and that according to the hourly forecast it's even more disgustingly humid and hot in the morning there than here, but I'll live.  Fall will get here at some point, I hope...


  1. Congrats on three miles!! That's no small feat, and I can totally understand why it was a mental challenge.

    As for pace, the fact that you're doing it at all is probably most important right now. If you were to run a 5K you'd probably go a little faster just because of the race atmosphere, the crowd, the excitement, and what not. Sounds like you'll be completely prepared for those fall races.