I am officially in a slump. It seems a little dumb to get in a slump right before a big milestone distance (10 was supposed to be this weekend... I got behind so it will hopefully be next week) and while I'm training for a huge milestone race, but I guess sometimes you don't see stuff coming.

I'm going to try not to beat myself up about it, especially since when I think about it objectively, it makes sense. The last two weeks (and especially last week) feature a WHOLE lot of stress and being busy and not getting enough sleep. And it's still cold and damp, so forcing myself to get outside isn't the easiest. Take right now, for instance... I'm waiting for the bus to go home, and I know I should run when I get there but all I can think about are pajamas and watching a movie in bed.

I'm going to try to trick myself out of it... for instance, tonight I'm going to go home and go out for two miles. If I get started and want to do more, that's great, but I'm allowed to not feel guilty if I just do two. And THEN I can have my Annie's spaghettios (complete with soy meatballs!). And a glass of wine. And a movie in bed. And a pony. And a million dollars... or at least a piece of banana bread.

We'll see how that approach works...


  1. I think that approach sounds really smart. And I also bet that you'll want to do at least 3 once you've started with 2 miles.
    The weather for my run today looked nicer than it was (20 degrees with wind and lots of sun). But spring is getting close! All these winter miles will pay off and you'll be super strong when the season changes.

    Also, I'm pretty jealous of that pony. Let me know how that works out.

  2. I'll take it easy on the pony... but I'll have some of that million dollars, if you're sharing. Just a little.

    Hope you got your run in! and that you are now nestled snug in your bed. Or close to being there.